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Simple Things That Make a Senior Happy

As someone who is caring for an elderly family member or offering services such as companionship and homemaking in Bonita Springs, Florida, it is only natural that you find ways to always keep them happy. When they are happy, they are easy to get along with. Most importantly, keeping them happy positively influences their health and standard of living.

There should be a number of simple ways to let the senior have a good day. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for these tips. Here are those simple tips worth trying to keep a senior healthy and full of smiles:

  • Cook Their Favorite Dish 
    Every person has a favorite dish. That dish is even more cherished when the person who eats it is unable to cook it personally. For seniors receiving home care in Florida, being unable to cook for themselves is inevitable. So that they won’t miss their favored dish too much, take time to learn the recipe and cook it for them.
  • Send or Give Them a Letter 
    Handwritten or not, leaving a letter for the senior in your care will make them happy. That letter, with your heartfelt words, no matter how simple, will have a way to worm into a senior’s heart. Through your words, you can make the elder feel that you really care about them.
  • Give Them a Flower 
    Of course, this tip will be most appropriate for female seniors. However, don’t think those male seniors won’t appreciate them too. Different kinds of flowers will have different meanings. You can choose to give the senior a bouquet during special occasions, but you can opt to give them a bunch during regular days too.
  • Do Crafts with Them 
    Seniors are recommended to participate in arts and crafts activities to sharpen their minds. Learning something new is beneficial to their mental health, after all. Don’t just leave the senior to do the craft alone. As a caregiver offering companionship to the senior, stay true to your vocation and join them in creating an artistic product they’ll be proud to show off to their family members.
  • Garden with Them 
    One of the hobbies that seniors will adopt during their retirement years is gardening. Remember that humans have an innate desire to nurture something. After the seniors have nurtured their kids and grandkids, they’d pour their energy into something else. That ‘something else’ can be plants. As a caregiver, joining the senior in their gardening hobby is the same as sharing their joy in watching the plants grow from seeds into blooming flora.

Aren’t these tips simple to do? It won’t make you break a sweat nor make you go broke. All you have to give is your sincerity in being together with the senior. L’Elite Homemaker & Companion Services, Inc. has homemakers who can make seniors happy all the time. You may talk to us at 239-444-3114 to know more.

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