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Experience A Healthy And Worry-Free After-Surgery Care

One of the many important points of Companionship and Homemaking in Bonita Springs, Florida, is to provide smooth after-surgery care. This delicate recovery period of seniors living alone is crucial because they need all the help they can get so they can enjoy uninterrupted resting times.

Our Senior Home Care in Florida has been around to help families and seniors maintain a good quality of life by being by their side, especially for times when they need experienced hands to take care of recovery concerns. Our caregivers will be more than happy to give your senior loved one an easy transition from the hospital to their home.

The following are some of the ways we can assist you in your post-surgery care:

  • Take Care of Mobility Needs
    To make recuperating comfortable, wheeled mobility aids may be needed to make going in and out of the house much easier and more convenient. If mobility aids have not been obtained beforehand, our caregivers can handle the procurement process so neither patient nor family member has to take action; they can simply welcome their loved one back home.
  • Manage Proper Nutrition
    It is understandable that seniors may lose their appetite most especially after surgery because of the pain and discomfort focused on the surgery site. By re-directing their focus from the pain to having better health, we use different techniques to entice seniors to eat and have better nutrition and shorten their recovery times in half. Good nutrition and religious intake of medication always make a good pair for fast recovery.
  • Attend Health Check-Ups
    Companionship services will also make sure your senior loved one is right on track for speedy recovery, by showing up for scheduled doctor visits that will help monitor the progress of your senior’s health and performance. Our caregivers will safely take them to and from their check-ups and ensure no appointment ever gets missed.

Attending to the after-surgery needs of your senior loved ones will be made even more comfortable with the supervision of our compassionate caregivers, who will make sure to give utmost priority to all our senior clients’ well-being.

For healthy after-surgery care, please get in touch with one of our representatives at L’Elite Homemaker & Companion Services, Inc.

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