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Companionship For You and Your Furry Friends Too

Family can include blood relations, friends, and even pets.

We take care of our furry friends whom we consider family because we love them and we want to see them happy because they make us happy. But sometimes, these responsibilities can be hard to perform when you get to an advanced age. Let us provide assistance to your senior loved ones with some light housekeeping and pet-friendly care.

Our caregivers are primarily trained in senior companionship to maintain the daily cognitive processes of the seniors in our care. Further assistance with homemaking duties can also be outlined to make day-to-day activities much easier to accomplish.

Errands and tasks can be delegated to the staff in an agency providing Home Care in Florida. This is made possible because our caregivers can easily sustain the needed housekeeping assignments for you and the care and clean up after your pets.

L’Elite Homemaker & Companion Services, Inc. provides pet assistance with:

  • Walks and Exercises
    Like us, our extended pet families also need to be in good shape so they can stay healthy and be well away from any diseases that might make them weak. Our caregivers for seniors who have their beloved pets with them but are unable to do the walking themselves can arrange these walks and exercises.
  • Pet Wellness
    Aside from the scheduled walks and play times, our caregivers can also provide the basic needed care for your pets that you may already find taxing to do like taking them to the groomers for their summer shave or their regular animal wellness check.

Our pets provide us that familiar comfort and companionship that makes them very important to us. So when you can no longer reciprocate and give them the care and attention they need, call for assistance from personnel providing companionship and homemaking in Bonita Springs, Florida. Let our caregivers handle your minimal housekeeping needs and care for your pets as we keep you company throughout the day.

Make sure no one gets left behind. Arrange a home care plan and companionship plan for a senior loved one you know or care for.

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