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5 Indoor Activities You Can Do with an Elderly Person

Do you have an elderly family member who mostly lives alone at home because you need to go to work? Make sure they’re not left all by themselves. Your loved one can face hazards, such as falls, that can be detrimental to their health. We provide services of companionship and homemaking in Bonita Springs, Florida for people such as your elderly loved one who, while able to take care of themselves, still need extra
companionship for safety.

Since most elderly people tend to prefer to stay indoors, they also need to have quality activities worth their time. With a helpful companion, indoor activities can be very beneficial to elderly people. Here are our top five recommended activities to give your senior loved one quality time at home:

  1. Board games
    The beauty of board games is that they can help players analyze their moves, which therefore enhances their cognitive skills. Most common board games are chess, scrabble, and monopoly. Since typical board games need an opponent, a compassionate companion from a home care in Florida can give them an engaging battle.
  2. Answering puzzles
    Puzzles are also entertaining and educational for players. These are ideal for the elderly because it can be played alone while it also stimulates thinking skills. There are crossword puzzles and soduku which can occupy their time while their assistant can prepare their meals or do errands.
  3. Memory games
    Many memory games can be played in group, so if the rest of the family is present, or there are other friends around, this can be played with more fun. You can play guessing games about historical events or family experiences that are memorable.
  4. Movie watching
    If the senior person is up to it, they can also watch movies of their choices. Surely, there would be films that can be both entertaining while at the same time uplifting for their emotions. It will be wise, however, to help monitor the shows they’re watching, as these can trigger unhealthy moods or feelings that will traumatize your family member.
  5. Reading
    Whether it’s their favorite self-help book, newspaper, or the Bible, reading always enhances the cognitive abilities of a senior person. If they don’t request for it, you can suggest this activity so they can have refreshing inputs. Reading inspiring books can also be comforting to a senior person who might be going through emotional troubles due to aging.

As you spend more quality time with your elderly loved one, you will discover a lot more of indoor activities they will enjoy. The important part is that they’re having a productive, convenient, fun, and relaxed time at home. Our team at L’Elite Homemaker & Companion Services, Inc. can assist your elderly loved one at home or outside so they will not be left alone and isolated. The elderly person will not benefit much from being isolated, as they can be prone to depression. To provide quality companionship and homemaking service, feel free to set an appointment with us so we can discuss your need.

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